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The project “the study of intimacy” deals with social research, using specific physical conditions, the research examines what can be learned about the couples from their body language, the chemistry between them.

Using long exposure technique in non-existing light conditions a sense of intimacy is created between the photographed couple. The location is picked in advance to ensure the physical conditions are adequate with the line of the project. The couples are told either to sit or stand but the actual pose is chosen by the couple, the situation of the photoshoot makes the couple feel alone in this unknown environment, they can not see the photographer in the blackness, only hear his directions. All couples had to stay still for as little as 30 seconds or as much as 16 minutes depending on their capabilities. At first glance the photographs might seem to be plain and simple but as you immerse yourself in the details you can start learning about the couples , their relationships and each partner's role in the relationship.